Why Us?

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Trees for the Future Sponsor

There are currently more than 100 million acres of deforested land worldwide. That's enough space to absorb the greenhouse gases we produce as a species -- and then some. Our reFOREST Collection watches and accessories are made from reclaimed wood scraps that would otherwise be headed to the landfill, keeping them out of contributing to global warming and providing you with an upcycled accessory that is beautiful, durable, and helps revitalize dry, arid soil.
 At reFOREST Collection, we're focused on more than just planting trees. We want to help change lives. By creating our first collection with post-consumer reclaimed wood, we are helping provide the foundation to make the reforestation process possible. We have partnered with Trees for the Future to ensure reFOREST Collection has a truly global footprint, and can identify the regions that will benefit most from our planting.
Every item purchased from the reFOREST Collection, 10 trees will be planted with Trees for the Future in forests where native tree species are quickly disappearing. These trees will help restore the forest ecosystem, improve soil quality and nutrition availability, capture carbon dioxide to address climate change, provide local communities with sustainable food sources, and create jobs around the world. This partnership between reFOREST Collection and Trees for the Future is only possible through you, our customers.

Trees for the Future helps families living in poverty to reclaim their land with plants and trees that will thrive in their backyards – providing food, revenue and a sense of pride. Planting trees is vital to the health of our planet as well as an important source of income. The proceeds from the sale of these items provide parents with seeds and training to grow more food for their families, creating a self-sustaining cycle.