Why Us?

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Trees for the Future Sponsor

We are reFOREST Collection. Focusing on making a difference in the world by giving consumers sustainable accessories that can be passed down to future generations. Whether it's a wood watch, or wood resin jewelry, each accessory is designed to be durable and long lasting. It's important for us to give back to the world in some small way or another, we envision helping the Earth grow and heal from deforestation.

We wanted to work with a partner that was doing something good in the world. When we discovered Trees for the Future, we knew they were the perfect partner. Not only do they plant trees, they educate underserved communities on how to properly care for their trees. Trees for the Future is passionate about improving the lives of families and individuals by revitalizing degraded lands, planting trees, and teaching people to value themselves and their environment. With our help, communities are fighting poverty, empowering individuals, and supporting themselves.

When you purchase a wooden handcrafted item from reFOREST Collection, you are not only restoring forest floors, healing habitats, creating income and feeding families — you're also taking part in a larger effort to conserve our planet's resources.


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