Why Us?

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Trees for the Future Sponsor

We're reFOREST Collection, and we're on a mission to make a difference in this amazing world of ours. Our sustainable accessories are designed to be cherished and handed down through generations, like treasured family heirlooms. From stunning wood watches to eye-catching wood resin jewelry, each piece is built to last and accompany you on your life's adventures. 

We believe in giving back and helping our Earth heal from deforestation, one small step at a time. And that's where our journey led us to the fantastic folks at Trees for the Future! 

When we discovered this incredible organization, we knew we'd found the perfect partner. Trees for the Future is all about planting trees and empowering communities with the knowledge and skills to care for them. They're passionate about revitalizing degraded lands, improving lives, and teaching people to value themselves and the environment. 

When you choose a handcrafted wooden treasure from reFOREST Collection, you're doing so much more than just adding a stylish accessory to your collection. You're helping restore forest floors, heal habitats, generate income, and feed families. And you know what? You're also joining a global movement to conserve our planet's precious resources. 

So, come along with us on this exciting adventure to make the world a greener, more sustainable place – one beautiful accessory at a time!




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